Challenge Coins

The Challenge Coin tradition is military in origin and is now used by all branches of the military as well as organizations and businesses wishing to commemorate a special event or anniversary. These coins may also be used to recognize individual or group achievement as well as constantly presenting your company name and contact information which can replace the typical business card in a very tasteful and creative form.

Norco’s challenge coins are exquisitely crafted with precision and care from quality materials to satisfy your desired specifications. You may select any size or shape in addition to your choice of plating finishes which are available in antique or bright gold, silver or bronze.

Artwork: $70.00(Z) if camera ready art is not supplied. One revision allowed without additional charges.

Classification: (C)

Consecutive Numbering: Please add .55(C) to the unit cost.

Cut-Out Designs: Please add .35(C) to the unit cost for each cut-out area in your design.

Designs: For three dimensional and sculpted designs please add an additional 1.50(C) per side to the unit cost.

Die Charge: Free

Enamel Fill: If Soft-enamel fill is requested, please add .60(C)per color per side to the unit cost and if Cloisonne Enamel fill is requested please add .75(C)per color per side to the unit cost.

Epoxy Dome: Please add an additional .35(C) per side to the unit cost.

Glitter Enamel: Please add .60(C) per glitter color per side to the unit cost.

Laser Printing: Please add an additional .65(C) per color per side to the unit cost.

Less than Minimum: Unavailable.

Plating: Bright Gold, Silver or Bronze is included in the price. For antique finishes, black nickel and two tone plating please add .50(C) to the unit cost.

Production Time: 4 weeks if samples are not required.Samples will add a minimum of 2 weeks to the delivery time.

Rush Charges: Please call Customer Service for availability and quotation.

Sandblasting: For sandblasted backgrounds, please add .40(C) per side to the unit cost.

Size: For sizes other than those listed please call customer service for quotation.

Specialized Edges: Please add an additional 1.25(C) to the unit cost.

Approximate Shipping Weight: 20 lbs per 100 pieces. This will vary according to size and shape.



        CHLG-1 – Die Struck Challenge Coins

Size 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Die Charge
1-1/2″ 8.10 5.80 4.70 4.30 4.05 FREE
1- 3/4 9.40 6.15 5.05 4.60 4.40 FREE
2″ 10.75 7.55 6.45 5.75 5.45 FREE
2- 1/4″ 12.25 8.45 7.45 6.95 6.75 FREE